Raw Food (Organic Super Foods)

Raw Food (Organic Super Foods)
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 75% of Americans don't eat the recommended five to nine servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day. That's alarming, considering how important vegetables are to maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle–but not surprising, given that some people think that ketchup counts as one serving of vegetables!

So when you get to a buffet do you choose the chocolate cake over the carrot sticks even though you know carrot sticks are healthier? Do you skip the salad at the restaurant? Does the idea of eating something green make you gag? Well, many people new to raw food are confronting just such a challenge! They didn’t get interested in the raw food lifestyle merely because they thought is delicious – they were overweight or they got sick.

Usually that is how they got here – raw food may have been their last resort. They studied raw nutrition, they’ve read stories about people who’ve overcome the very dis-ease they are struggling with using a raw food diet – but it didn’t help.

Veggies still make them gag.
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