Dolph Lundgren Reunites with ‘Rocky IV’ Co-Star Carl Weathers for ‘Rematch’

Dolph Lundgren Reunites with ‘Rocky IV' Co-Star Carl Weathers for ‘Rematch'
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Dolph Lundgren Posts Pic With ‘Rocky IV' Co-Star Carl Weathers.
Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago reunited for the photo at
Gold's Gym in Venice, California.
Rematch at Gold’s Gym Venice. Apollo’s looking dangerous #carlweathers #rocky#rocky4, Dolph Lundgren, via Instagram.
The former ‘Rocky' stars famously duked it out
in the series fourth film, which ended with
Drago killing Creed.
Lundgren recently returned as the menacing Russian in ‘Creed II' alongside Sylvester Stallone.
The pic with Weathers follows one Lundgren posted of himself and Stallone earlier this month.
In the throwback, he hinted
of another project the two
could be working on.
Looks like these two gentlemen may be working together again, Dolph Lundgren, via Instagram
#Dolph #Lundgren #Reunites #Rocky #CoStar #Carl #Weathers #Rematch

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