Mental Health Business: Telemental Health

Mental Health Business: Telemental Health
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Ray Barrett, founder and CEO of Telehealth Certification Institute, LLC, joins us to talk about what has changed and improved in telemental health. Most clinicians use some form of technology in both the operation of their practice and in providing services to clients. However, most graduate programs do not cover the competencies of using technology in practice. As the field of telemental health continues to expand, its growth has created a wealth of questions and uncertainties that behavioral health professionals face: topics such as ethics, best practices, state (and interstate) regulations, and skills needed when providing behavioral health services, just to name a few.

Since 2007, Ray Barrett, LMHC, LPC has developed several courses for behavioral health professionals on the topic of telemental health. He has provided extensive training in telemental heath services in private practices, for facilities and for an EAP program. Ray is both a practitioner and trainer and his aim is to fill every knowledge gap as it arises and he ensures his course content is kept updated. Trainees find Ray to be very approachable, available and knowledgeable and he appreciates hearing from individual participants in order to fulfill their specific needs and so that he can incorporate that information into the training programs. He has presented on telebehavioral health at several conferences and assisted many organizations to create. launch, and enhance their telemental health programs.
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